A dash of Kindness and a sprinkle of love!

December marks our 12th month of TwoandtheCity blogging.  We are so thankful for all the opportunities we have been given this year and people we have met as a result of the blog.  What better way to end 2011 than to spend the month leading up to Christmas giving back through random acts of kindness!

At times it seems that the whole month of December is overshadowed by the consumerism that is Christmas, whether it is how you spend your money or your time.  We believe that Christmas is about giving not spending, and should in particular giving to those who are less fortunate.

For many, this time of year will not be a time of fun, gift giving or over indulgence.   While we fully intend to celebrate with our friends and family, we are going to strive to balance it out with helping others who need a hand at this time of the year, some to celebrate, but in many cases just get by.

So each day of December, leading up to Christmas day we are going to try really hard to give back to others. It doesn’t really matter who these others are and it doesn’t matter what the giving is, be it small, large or insignificant.  The goal is to strive each day amidst the hustle and bustle to give, be kind, and be considerate.

Is your bookcase overflowing? Why not make some room for Christmas reading by donating some great books to your local public library?  Maybe pick up a second latte on your coffee run for a friend or co-worker,  or help a neighbour out with their snow shovelling (if we ever get enough snow!!).  I am sure there are a lot of you who plan to share your Christmas baking too. That totally counts, and by the way, I will never turn down a vegan christmas cookie ; )

We would LOVE for you to join us.  We will be posting/tweeting each day what we have done (or not done) and would be thrilled if you would post on the blog the same or tweet to let us know what you did.  It’s not a competition, merely a place to give others ideas and spread the kindness in Edmonton and wherever you maybe reading from.  On Christmas day we are going to compile the whole list as a dose of extra holiday cheer.

Love L&S


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