The seed you sow

Tonight S and I had the great opportunity to volunteer with friends at The Mustard Seed in Edmonton.  6 of us spent the evening making popcorn for the Mustard Seed drop-in guests as they sat and watched a movie.  Often it is at these smaller low-key volunteer opportunities that we learn the most, about ourselves and our city.

The Mustard Seed encourages volunteers to participate not only to run the programs, cook the meals and serve the food, but also to help dispel the myths about the inner city residents the Seed serves.  My take away from this evening was that they operate in a non-judgmental environment.  Every person I handed popcorn to said thank you or in some instances God bless.  They were kind and friendly and you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in their lives that brought them to the Seed.

I will admit, S and I were a bit afraid of the popcorn making machines but thanks to the handiwork of our friends, we had a top-notch popcorn production line in full swing.  And, despite visions of tripping and sending buckets full of popcorn sailing into the air, everything went smoothly.  My hair does smell like a movie theater now though, combined with Starbucks dark roast aroma that is lingering from our coffee pit stop. This led to a high brow conversation about why no one has bottled eau de popcorn yet.  Maybe it’s because the jelly belly flavor was such a failure that no one has tried to market it again.  Don’t tell me that’s your favorite flavor! It simply can’t be true.

Here are some fast facts we learned tonight:

  • 1 in 4 people will experience mental illness at some point in their lives.
  • All addictions come from a place of pain.
  • At Alberta’s minimum wage ($9.40), even at full-time employment you would still fall below the poverty line.
  • Many people visit the Seed because they are simply lonely.

Want to get involved or help out?
Call the Seed at 780-442-3568 to learn more about the opportunities available, make an online donation, or sport one of the Mustard Seeds Yet We Live t-shirts.  I really like this one!

At The Mustard Seed, we serve those among the homeless and working poor. Many of our clients have been through serious trauma to end up at The Mustard Seed. If there is one indication of the resiliency of our race, it is the spirit of those who have nothing, who somehow come across as possessing everything. This population is genuine, yet regarded as imposters. Everyone knows them, yet they are regarded as unknown. Sorrowful about their situation, they are so appreciative of the little things that they are always rejoicing. They are beaten down and battered, yet they live on. We recognize that everyone’s situation is different, and that you, yes you, are also going through some things, or have safely emerged from them. Like our clients, you too will live on.

The Yet We Live line was designed and printed in Canada and all proceeds from your $25 t-shirt go to The Mustard Seed to help vulnerable individuals rebuild their lives.  Thank you so much Lora, Scott, Jay and Brad for coming out with us tonight.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Friday night.


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