About us

Welcome to our blog! Whether you are just stopping in or are an avid reader of Two and the City we hope you found some amusement in our weekly recollection of events.  Who are we?? We are two thirty-something year old women in Edmonton determined to prove that the thirties are in fact the best decade!  When we started out with the blog we had no idea where it would lead us.  All we knew for certain was we wanted to explore the city, meet great people and share our experiences along the way.


I am a busy body that loves to be on the go.  You will find me running or riding my bikes in the river valley or strolling around downtown at the farmers market.  I am also Vegan, and always on the lookout for great vegan cuisine in and around Edmonton. I share a love for (window) shopping with Susan and reading local fashion blogs to stay in the know. I am a coffee lover, and love few things as much as a delicious soy latte on a cool day. Favourite Edmonton Spots: Blue Plate Diner, Credo, Planet organic and my second home at 109 St. running room.

Two and the City

2 Responses to “About us”
  1. Jody Spencer says:

    Great idea ladies 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog!

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