There is something very exciting underway in Edmonton!  On 109 Street and 84th ave, Noorish Cafe is under construction and will provide Edmonton with a “conscious living hub designed to serve and enhance our Edmonton community with tantalizing, inspiring and uplifting experiences to feed your mind, body and soul!” Excited yet? Here is what Noorish … Continue reading

Eats, treats and peeps

A 4 day weekend is a truly marvellous thing! Although I didn’t get to spend this Easter with my family, I did talk to them on the phone a lot and had a fantastic brunch with J’s family too.  We went to Mill Creek Culina and I had the delectable Vegan Moussaka option and it … Continue reading

Here there and everywhere

Today was one of those non-stop days that zoom by and suddenly it’s 6 o-clock and I am already ready for bed.  I did so many fun things today though so I am not complaining at all. First thing this morning we went to Earth’s General Store to pick up some organic vegetable to tide … Continue reading

Coffee, Art and Conversations

Last week, in tune with our jumping on the bandwagon a bit late theme, S and I went to the new Transcend on Jasper ave.  The new location holds true to the  things we love about Transcend Garneau: the story behind and care put into every cup of coffee brewed, including the foamy leaf that … Continue reading

you had us at sticky buns

  For the past couple of weeks we have been reading about, and drooling over the pictures since Queen of Tarts opened their shiny new bistro/bakery on 104 street.  Yes we may have been a bit slow on getting there, but neither the Queen or her tarts disappointed.  Upon entering, the first thing we noticed … Continue reading